by Robi

From Sunday – May 10th, 2015, the people of Bangladesh can enjoy free internet through browsing by Robi. It has a significant importance on the people’s lives and Robi has started something that no other operators in the country have done before. in details – 
72% of the population who are yet to experience internet – is a joint initiative of Robi and Facebook towards bridging the digital divide and building knowledge-based society. Fueling affordable internet access to local and international content which can act as key enablers to drive “Digital Bangladesh”.
Now with Robi, even if you do not have an internet plan, you can still access a lite version of internet without any charge, a free dial tone to internet. Points to be remembered,  however – until now, only 29 websites are under this process and further will be added very soon. Moreover, although Robi has started it initially, all the other mobile operators will ultimately offer this service to all.
So, what are you waiting for! Enjoy free internet in Bangladesh which is brought to you by Robi.