Robi 10% Circle points Bonus

10% Bonus on Circle points

Campaign Duration
26th June, 2015 - 3rd July, 2015

Campaign Details

Circle points packs10% BonusTotal PointsPriceSMS KeywordsUSSD string
50 points5 Points55 Points2.00CPOINTS 50*8880*02#
150 points15 Points165 Points5.00CPOINTS 150*8880*5#
350 Points35 Points385 Points10.00CPOINTS 350*8880*10#
1050 points105 Points1155 Points15.00CPOINTS 1050*8880*15#
2550 points255 Points2805 Points25.00CPOINTS 2550*8880*25#

•    SD &VAT applicable
•    Customers can purchase these packs as many times as they can.
•    Offer will be valid till 3rdJuly’15

Short Description of Circle
CIRCLE is a unique, mobile-centric, SMS-based social network.
This liberates the experience from a web connection and makes it available to anyone with even the most basic mobile phone. It also lets you access the social network whenever you want; anywhere you bring your mobile making it a deeper part of your life. Only Robi has this service in Bangladesh.

Few SMS & USSD keywords for Circle

CircleLayer 1KeywordsUSSD
50 points purchaseCPOINTS50*8880*3#/*8880*02#
Check balanceCBAL*8880*4#
150 points purchaseCPOINTS150*8880*5#
350 points purchaseCPOINTS350*8880*6#/*8880*10#
Share BalancePoint <> Nickname*8880*7#
1050 points purchaseCPOINTS1050*8880*8#/*8880*15#
2550 points purchaseCPOINTS2550*8880*9#/*8880*25#
Please note for point purchase both USSD codes will be functional.

Points charging for using CIRCLE

ServiceKeywordPoints Deduction
RegisterCREGUser will get 500 points on registration
PokeCPOKESystem will deduct 5 points
ShoutCSHOUTSystem will deduct 10 points
COMCCOMSystem will deduct 10 points
Chat RoomCHAT ROOMSystem will deduct 100 points
Chat MsgCHAT MSGSystem will deduct 100 points