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                  YangJiang PingHai Aquatic Product Manufacturing Co.,ltd. is a frozen food processing, collection processing and sales in one of the well-known food companies , Yangjiang City , the company is located in Yangjiang City high-tech zones , backed by the coastal highway , from the national center for fishing zhapo fishing port and the beautiful seaside resort Hailing Island is just 30 km away. Beautiful scenery and pleasant environment .
                  The company has advanced hardware facilities and excellent management team , the main business products are pills mackerel , mackerel rot , cuttlefish , fish rolls , fish rolls, Haibao intestines, abalone slices, Taiwan, hot dogs , corn, sausage, mushrooms pork balls and other three categories one hundred kinds of varieties. Domestic product sales network throughout the country. In recent years , in order to adapt to the market development needs , the company in 2005 to start a new plant construction , and in August 2, 2006 production. New plant designed in accordance with international health standards . Plant area of ??10,000 square meters , a one-time reserves of 1,000 tons cold storage , where sterile workshop 2500 square meters , fixed assets of 12 million yuan .
                  All personnel in the company 's joint efforts , time pass ISO9001: 2000, HACCP, QS certification , won the " 2008 Guangdong Famous Brand " honorary title. The company's product quality and management level and on a new level.
                  Sea level from the start and today has more than 20 years of history. 20 years, people have been grid guarding the sea level : "honesty, pragmatic and innovative " business philosophy , and always adhere to the "market demand-oriented , customer satisfaction as the center , to the quality and safety of survival, innovation and development "the quality policy , it is the source of strength for their continued development .
                  YangJiang PingHai Aquatic Product Manufacturing Co.,ltd. sales to a strong , reasonable prices , excellent service and a number of enterprises established long-term cooperative relationship . Yang Jiang Pinghai Aquatic Products Co., Ltd. warmly welcome to visit, study , business negotiations.